UNIFIL Deputy Force Commander visits Maritime Task Force Flagship at sea

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7 Oct 2017

UNIFIL Deputy Force Commander visits Maritime Task Force Flagship at sea

The Deputy Force Commander (DFC) of UNIFIL, Brigadier General Shivaram Kharel recently visited the flagship of the Maritime Task Force (MTF), the Corvette "Barroso", on the high seas. The visit was conducted by the MTF Commander, Rear Admiral Sergio Chaves Jr, who is currently embarked on board the Brazilian ship, from where he controls all activities of the Area of Maritime Operations (AMO).

The DFC boarded the ship by helicopter and visited the various compartments of the ship where he had the opportunity to learn about the work of the sailors and how MTF operations are conducted at sea. 

”It was an amazing experience to visit the MTF ship in the Mediterranean Sea and also a learning experience to know about the functionality of MTF, it’s structure, functioning, administrative aspects and the morale of troops,” said Brigadier General Kharel.  

A first Naval Task Force ever to take part in a United Nations peacekeeping mission, MTF is deployed since October 2006 under mandate of UNSCR 1701 to support the Lebanese Navy in monitoring its territorial waters, securing the Lebanese coastline and preventing the unauthorized entry of arms or related materials by sea into Lebanon.  Another important aspect of MTF’s mission is its contribution to the training of the Lebanese Navy for future implementation of maritime security tasks currently carried out by MTF.

Since the start of its operations on 15 October 2006, MTF has hailed more than 81,554 ships and referred about 10,207 vessels to the Lebanese authorities for further inspections. The main result of this work is a stable maritime environment on the Lebanese coast which has generated an increase in maritime trade due to the reduction in the cost of insurance and fees provided a resumption in the development of the local economy.