LAF’s 5th Regiment Commander visits UNIFIL’s SECEAST HQ

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10 Oct 2017

LAF’s 5th Regiment Commander visits UNIFIL’s SECEAST HQ

During his visit to UNIFIL’s Sector East Headquarters in Marjayoun yesterday, the Commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF)’s Fifth Regiment, Brigadier General Ramez Khamis, discussed with the UNIFIL Sector Commander enhanced coordinated activities between LAF and UNIFIL.

UNIFIL SECEAST Commander Brigadier General Venancio Aguado de Diego welcomed the visit and the recent deployment of additional LAF forces in the UNIFIL area of operations. He emphasized the importance of strong collaboration between UNIFIL and LAF to respond to incidents and violations effectively and timely. 

The Fifth Regiment, newly deployed to the Area of Operations, were invited to participate in a joint training with UNIFIL.

He also congratulated the LAF Commander for his leadership and the LAF’s achievements in the recent military campaign in the northeastern parts of the country. He offered his deepest condolences on the losses suffered.  

The LAF and UNIFIL are strategic partners in implementing the mandated tasks under UN Security Council resolution 1701 (2006) and 2373 of 30 August 2017, which extended the mandate for another year. 

UNIFIL and LAF are working closely to further enhance coordinated efforts that have helped keep an unprecedented 11 years of stability in the area of operations. 

UNIFIL has around 10,500 peacekeepers coming from 41 troop-contributing countries. The Mission maintains an intensive level of some 13,500 operational activities per month. UNIFIL is also complemented by a seven-vessel strong Maritime Task Force.