Supporting displaced people in south Lebanon

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9 Jul 2024

Supporting displaced people in south Lebanon

UNIFIL peacekeepers, collaborating with the Lebanese Red Cross, have been providing crucial medical care to displaced people in Tyre, southern Lebanon. This effort shows that local and international communities are standing together to support them during this tough time.

The exchange of fire along the Blue Line has displaced thousands of people from their homes over the past nine months, with many finding temporary shelter in five schools across Tyre. Brigadier General Enrico Fontana, UNIFIL Sector West commander, emphasized, "Displaced people are not forgotten. We see how much support they need as we patrol nearby villages and monitor the situation."

"We understand how difficult their situation is and how much they need assistance," Fontana added. He highlighted the importance of the daily efforts of UNIFIL peacekeepers to reduce tensions which will facilitate the safe return of displaced people along the Blue Line to their homes.

On July 6, 2024, UNIFIL medical teams from Italy and Ghana, along with the Red Cross, conducted free medical examinations for 127 displaced individuals, primarily women, in Tyre's shelter centers.

This ongoing campaign, which began four months ago, will continue. Previous activities were held in Maarakah and at the Lebanese Armed Forces hospital in Ein Ebel, where a maternity room was prepared. In addition to medical help, peacekeepers distributed medicines, food, clothing, hygiene kits, school bags, and toys for kids.

In addition to their peacekeeping duties, UNIFIL peacekeepers support the local community through various development projects such as solar street lights, road repairs, medical care, education support, etc. These efforts not only strengthen relationships with locals but also have a positive impact on the lives of people in southern Lebanon.

Despite the ongoing exchanges of fire, many people remain in their villages, and many are displaced within south Lebanon. Peacekeepers continue to support them and help address local needs.