UNIFIL solar lights brighten South Lebanon

A UNIFIL Spanish Peacekeeper reviews the installation of solar street lighting in Ibl al-Saqi.

These solar powered street lights have been donated by UNIFIL Spanish Battalion.

The Mayor of Ibl al-Saqi and a UNIFIL Spanish peacekeeper review the solar lighting installation.

The solar powered street lights will be able to stay lit during electricity outages.

The solar street lighting will illuminate the roads making it safer for both pedestrians and motorists at night.

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5 Jul 2017

UNIFIL solar lights brighten South Lebanon

The electricity supply in South Lebanon is intermittent, with daily power outages that last a few hours at a time. The time and duration of these outages vary from village to village, and are so routine that residents, businesses and hospitals rely on private generator companies to bridge the gap. But many municipalities and town councils are unable to afford the expensive generator charges, so when the state electricity cuts off the street lights are also extinguished.

In the small town of Ibl al-Saqi, in south east Lebanon, the street lights will now stay on, thanks to a donation of 15 solar-powered street lights by UNIFIL’s Spanish contingent.

Looking up at the flat solar panel above the recently installed street lights the Mayor of Ibl al-Saqi, Samih al-Bekaii, smiles and says, “The assistance provided by UNIFIL in general and the Spanish Battalion in particular is well appreciated by the residents of Ibl al-Saqi.”

As she checks each lamp on the street, Lieutenant Raquel Rodriguez Taisma, from UNIFIL’s Spanish contingent, elaborates on the project: “The UN Security Council Resolution 1701 mandates that we support communities with both social and economic activities; that's why UNIFIL cooperated with the Lebanese authorities to develop these solar lamps to improve the infrastructure in south Lebanon. These solar lamps will improve the safety of both vehicles and pedestrians, and children will be able to walk safely at night.”

Since 2006, UNIFIL contingents from Spain, France, Italy and the Republic of Korea have contributed to 10 solar street lighting projects across the Mission’s area of operation in South Lebanon. These donations combine to just over $167,000. In the next few months, solar street lighting projects will also be implemented in the southern Lebanese towns of Ghanduriyah, Rumaysh and Tayr Dibbah.

Article: Aoibheann O’Sullivan
Video camera: Aoibheann O’Sullivan
Edit: Suzane Badereddine & Mohamad Hamze
Photo: Pascual Gorriz