UNIFIL Sector West upgrades milk processing and storage facility

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27 Aug 2020

UNIFIL Sector West upgrades milk processing and storage facility

UNIFIL Sector West peacekeepers have helped upgrade a municipal milk processing and storage facility in Aytarun, in the Bint Jbeil district of south-western Lebanon, with the donation of a new processing plant and other machinery last week.

With support of Italian peacekeepers, Aytarun municipal dairy cooperative, which collects milk deliveries from partner producers, now has state-of-the-art plant and machinery for milk processing as well as a newly-built milk storage facility.

During a handover ceremony on 21 August, the mayor of Aytarun, Selim Mourad, said the UNIFIL support significantly enhances productivity and makes local cooperatives even more competitive.

UNIFIL Sector West Commander Brigadier General Andrea Di Stasio, who attended the ceremony, called the support “a real and effective contribution to a sector which is fundamental for the future and the progress of the country.”

Between their core peacekeeping duties, UNIFIL peacekeepers regularly carry out various activities like this one in support of the host communities, which – together with their operational activities – have helped keep calm in the Mission’s area of operation for more than 14 years.