Chinese donation to fight COVID-19

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2 Sep 2020

Chinese donation to fight COVID-19

As part of the ongoing UNIFIL support to host communities in their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mission’s peacekeepers from China donated yesterday medical supplies to the local communities of Al Qulaylah and Zibqin in south-western Lebanon.

A Chinese Multi-Role Engineering Unit (CHINMEU) team led by Deputy Commanding Officer Major Yang Zhong Yun handed medical supplies to mayors Ali Bazieh and Dr. Mohammed Alshamaly of the respective villages.

Although the Mission suspended regular community medical assistance programme in the wake of the pandemic, its peacekeepers continue to support the communities when requested.

Among the items donated yesterday include six categories of commonly used medicines, such as internal medicine, medical items needed for surgery, orthopedics as well as infrared temperature guns and surgical masks.

Since its deployment in southern Lebanon in April 2006 and in addition to their core operational duties, Chinese peacekeepers have been offering various humanitarian support to the host communities.


(Photos: Sgt. Zhao Wenhuan / UNIFIL CHINMEU)