UNIFIL, LAF in combined live fire exercise, 01 September 2010

1 Sep 2010

UNIFIL, LAF in combined live fire exercise, 01 September 2010

Naqoura, Lebanon – The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) and the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) today conducted a joint live fire exercise in southern Lebanon.

The Field Artillery Group, part of UNIFIL's Quick Reaction Force, and LAF Artillery took part in the exercise named "Neptune Thunder" in an area about one kilometre south of UNIFIL Headquarters in Naqoura.

UNIFIL Chief of Staff Brigadier-General Xavier de Woillemont stressed the importance of cooperation and coordination between UNIFIL and LAF, saying the exercise falls in the context of enhancing these combined efforts.

"This joint exercise is a good opportunity for both UNIFIL and LAF to further strengthen their cooperation and mutual knowledge," the Chief of Staff said.

"To maintain their efficiency, it is important for military units to constantly hone their skills and expertise through regular training," he added.

Limiting any potential disturbance to the local population was a priority during the planning for this exercise, as was the case with previous exercises. To this end, the targets were located at sea in order to limit noise to any inhabited area.

The safety at sea was provided by Lebanese Navy ships supported by the UNIFIL Maritime Task Force.


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