UNIFIL head chairs regular tripartite meeting with LAF and IDF officials

31 Jul 2017

UNIFIL head chairs regular tripartite meeting with LAF and IDF officials

UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander, Major General Michael Beary, today chaired a regular tripartite meeting with senior officials from the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) at the UN position at Ras Al Naqoura.


Discussions centered on issues related to the implementation of UNIFIL’s mandate under UN Security Council resolution 1701 (2006), air and ground violations, the situation along the Blue Line and its ongoing visible marking, as well as the issue of withdrawal of Israeli forces from northern Ghajar.


“Despite the recent heightened rhetoric, I am happy to report that the operational situation in the area has been calm. We can be proud that the past 11 years have seen an unprecedented period of calm and relative stability in UNIFIL’s area of operations” said UNIFIL Head of Mission, ”I call on both sides to make full use of our coordination channels and maintain a regular rhythm of meetings which have been instrumental in preventing tension and miscommunications as well as minimizing and halting violations on the both sides of the Blue Line.”


During the meeting, Major-General Beary briefed both LAF and IDF on the Security Council’s recent deliberations on the SG’s report on resolution 1701: “It was reassuring to hear the members of the Security Council expressing support for UNIFIL and its contribution in maintaining the cessation of hostilities and calm along the Blue Line.” And he added: ”Council members recognized the commitment by the LAF and IDF to UN Security Council resolution 1701 and called on both parties to translate that commitment into action towards achieving a permanent ceasefire and a long-term solution.”