Spanish peacekeepers support local efforts to fight COVID-19

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17 Nov 2020

Spanish peacekeepers support local efforts to fight COVID-19

As part of the ongoing UNIFIL support to host communities in their fight against COVID-19 pandemic, UNIFIL Spanish peacekeepers donated last week several equipment to the social development centres (SDCs) of the south-eastern towns of Frun and Rachaya al Foukhar.

The assistance – comprising various personal protective equipment and other medical supplies necessary for the containment of the Coronavirus and handed out on 12 November – is expected to benefit 17 villages of the area.

Among the items donated were sterilizing electrical pumps, nano gun solution, disinfectant liquid, face protective masks (standard N95), protective suits, protection gloves (latex), disposable face shields, chlorine solution, hydroalcoholic gel (hand spray) and sterilizing manual pumps.

The latest UNIFIL support, which boosts efforts of the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health in containing the Coronavirus, seeks to improve local capabilities and enhance efforts to prevent the spread of the highly infectious virus.

The latest support in the UNIFIL area of operations in Sector East is the continuation of similar previous efforts by Mission and its peacekeepers in different areas in south Lebanon, supporting Lebanese state institutions in ensuring stability in the area.