Italian and Indonesian peacekeepers donate medical supplies

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30 Sep 2020

Italian and Indonesian peacekeepers donate medical supplies

UNIFIL peacekeepers have continued with donations in support of local communities’ fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

In the past weeks, Italian peacekeepers donated two modern equipment for processing swabs to public hospital laboratories in the south-western towns of Tyre and Bint Jbeil. The delivery of the equipment, in addition to the donation of 600 diagnostic kits, is one of several civil-military cooperation projects of the UNIFIL Italian contingent to fight against the Coronavirus emergency in the south of the country.

Italian peacekeepers have also donated medical supplies including orthopedic aids, portable defibrillators, stretchers, wheelchairs, first aid and toys to a Lebanese civil protection association, the "Al Rissalah" scouts, who are involved in providing first aid and firefighting support to the local population.

Last week, Indonesian peacekeepers also donated 12 varieties of drugs, including those for respiratory and digestion problems, and external use to the village of Bani Hayyan in south-eastern Lebanon.