UNIFIL troops in Sector East conduct first aid training with LAF

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24 Aug 2021

UNIFIL troops in Sector East conduct first aid training with LAF

UNIFIL peacekeepers operating in south-eastern Lebanon conducted last week first aid training with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) at the mission’s Sector East headquarters near Marjayoun.

The training programme, conducted on 19 August, aimed to further enhance cooperation and coordination between the UNIFIL and LAF elements operating in south Lebanon.

Spanish doctors from a UNIFIL Hospital taught the participants, which included nine LAF soldiers and 20 UNIFIL personnel, about the preparation and usage of first aid kits in various combat situations.

During the course of the day, the participants were exposed to various simulated combat situations.

Such training activities between UNIFIL and LAF soldiers are regularly conducted throughout the UN mission’s area of operations in south Lebanon as well as at sea, with the aim of fostering mutual confidence and improving the level of interoperability for coordinated tasks.

In 2020 alone, UNIFIL peacekeepers conducted a total of 1,069 coordinated exercises and training activities with the LAF, which are UNIFIL’s strategic partners.

(UN photos / Private Alejandro Sole Bielsa)