UNIFIL outreach peacekeepers organize ‘infotainment’ school event

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20 Jan 2020

UNIFIL outreach peacekeepers organize ‘infotainment’ school event

UNIFIL outreach peacekeepers from the Mission’s Military Community Outreach Unit (MCOU) organized an event in a public school in Aita ash-Shaab, south-western Lebanon, for children with disabilities earlier this month.

The “infotainment” event, organized by UNIFIL MCOU’s Indonesian and Italian peacekeepers on 9 January, sought to raise awareness about the Mission’s mandate among the host population as well as to entertain the school’s children with disabilities.

Altogether, 60 students of 7 to 18 years of age participated. The school has about 350 students, out of which 135 are with disabilities.

UNIFIL peacekeepers showed short cartoons and presented “Blue Barrel family” depicting real Blue Barrels that dot the Blue Line. While doing so, they explained what the 120-km Blue Line is and why it’s important not to cross it. Indonesian peacekeepers also performed traditional cultural shows.

Between their core peacekeeping duties, UNIFIL peacekeepers regularly carry out various activities in support of and as requested by the host communities, which – together with their operational activities – have helped keep calm in the Mission’s area of operation for over 13 years.


Photos: MCOU Media Team / UNIFIL