UNIFIL Indonesian peacekeepers offer free home medical care in south Lebanon

20 Dec 2019

UNIFIL Indonesian peacekeepers offer free home medical care in south Lebanon

For many villagers from vulnerable communities in south Lebanon, travelling to see a doctor can be challenging. Some patients are not even able to make it to a hospital but need medical support.  Therefore, a mobile home medical assistance team of skilled and qualified health practitioners from UNIFIL’s Indonesian contingent travels to examine and treat patients in their homes in south-eastern Lebanon.

For Zahraa Mohamad Munzer, a relative of Zeinab, a 42 years-old patient, seeking home care was extremely important for her sister-in-law who recently suffered from a severe stroke and could not stand and walk.

“My sister-in-law could not move from her bed, so we had to request medical care from UNIFIL Indonesians healthcare team. Ever since our request, they have come every Saturdays and Sundays to check on her medical condition and sterilize her injury,” she said.

“I am grateful to them, because whatever medical support we have asked for, they have provided it without any hesitation,” she added.

UNIFIL’s Indonesian peacekeepers provide prompt and professional medical consultations and treatment in the village of Rob Tlateen, as part of their humanitarian support to the host communities within the area of their responsibility.

For Wishnu Tri Ananto, a Civil-Military Coordination (CIMIC) officer and Nurse specialist from UNIFIL Indonesian Contingent, it was extremely important to provide home care to this patient.

“We have been coming to treat Ms. Zeinab every two days as she had severe medical injuries, which still needed to be cured and treated regularly,” said Mr. Ananto. “We are helping her to heal her wound with the proper treatment and care.”

This year alone, around 2,500 patients suffering mostly from respiratory, skin, and systemic diseases have been treated.

With more than 1,300 peacekeepers currently serving with UNIFIL on land and in the sea, Indonesia is the peacekeeping mission’s largest troop contributor.

Just like Indonesian peacekeepers, UNIFIL’s other contingents also offer – between their core peacekeeping duties – free medical services to the host populations.

UNIFIL peacekeepers regularly extend humanitarian supports to the host communities, which – together with their operational activities – have helped keep calm in the Mission’s area of operation for over 13 years.