UNIFIL’s Sector East Commander hosts luncheon for local dignitaries

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12 Jul 2017

UNIFIL’s Sector East Commander hosts luncheon for local dignitaries

UNIFIL’s Sector East (SECEAST) Headquarters (HQ) and its Commander Brigadier General Venancio Aguado de Diego yesterday organized a luncheon for the local authorities of South Lebanon at its base in Marjayoun.

Members of Parliament representing Hasbaya and Marjayoun, Governor of Nabatieh; Qaemaqams of Marjayoun, Hasbaya and Bint Jubeil; Sunni Muftis, Shia Sheikhs, Druze Sheikhs, Maronite archbishops, Orthodox archbishops, Melquita archbishops and Presbyterian priest of the areas; South Litany Sector Commander of the Lebanese Armed forces (LAF); LAF Intelligence South Litany chief and other local dignitaries attended the luncheon.

In his remarks, Brigadier General Aguado de Diego said: “This ceremony with your kind presence demonstrates the friendly relationship between the Lebanese civilian and religious authorities, LAF personnel and UNIFIL troops.” He also expressed pride in working hand-in-hand with the LAF, especially its 7th Brigade in particular.

The Lebanese guests expressed their gratitude and appreciation for UNIFIL in general, and the Sector East troops in particular, for working tirelessly for peace and stability in south Lebanon. They further added that UNIFIL has ensured safety and security in South Lebanon while keeping in mind the cultural and religious aspirations of the host communities.

UNIFIL's relationship with the host communities is based on trust and friendship that has grown over the years – thanks to the UN peacekeepers’ participation in community support activities.