"Stop Violence Against Children!"

A UNIFIL peacekeeper holds a child during the ceremony held at Ebil el Saqi Public School.

School children singing during the Universal Children's Day ceremony held at Ebil el Saqi Public School.

Indian peacekeepers performing a Bollywood style dance during the Universal Children's Day ceremony.

UNIFIL Indonesian peacekeepers performing a traditional dance.

Lebanese actor Mounir Keserwani delivered an entertaining performance dressed up as an ape.

Two boys performing a traditional Lebanese song.

Lebanese actor Mounir Keserwani performed and interacted with the children to close the ceremony.

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19 Nov 2013

"Stop Violence Against Children!"

"Stop Violence Against Children" was the theme of this year's Universal Children Day, which is celebrated every year with the purpose of promoting International togetherness and awareness among children. Universal Children day was established on 20th November 1954, also a special day as this day is when the 'Declaration of the rights of the children' was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1959 and later in 1989.

It was a day of dancing, acting, singing, and competing in various games. A group of school children from Ebil el Saqi, Hebbariyeh, Khiam and Qlayaa performed songs and dances, whereas the Chinese medical company performed a beautiful traditional dance in costume and engaged the children.

The children were overjoyed by this event. They sang songs, danced to their own music, and sometimes shared the peacekeepers' floor. They looked happy on this day dedicated to them, and thanked UNIFIL for such a fun day.

The head of Ebil El Saqi municipality Mr. George Rahal thanked UNIFIL for being able to create such joy and happiness among kids on the Universal Children's Day. "UNIFIL has showed us through this initiative how much the peacekeepers really care for our children" he noted.

The Ministry of Education regional director Mr. Ali Fayek openly expressed his gratitude for UNIFIL's Civil Affairs. "You show us every day that you are men and women of peace, where you obviously care about our kids just as if they were yours" said Mr. Fayek.

The Indian and Indonesian peacekeepers performed some dances in traditional costume and interacted with the children, and so did the famous actor Mr. Mounir Keserwani who closed the event agenda by performing and interacting with the children in games and songs. "We should protect the children's rights especially since somewhere in the world there are some children who are still suffering" said Mr. Keserwani.

UNIFIL marked the Universal Children's Day in an effort to promote the children's rights that stress on the child's right to survival and protection. It is an important occasion for UNIFIL peacekeepers to interact and draw a smile on the faces of south of Lebanon children. said UNIFIL's Sector East Civil Affairs officer Mohamed Abou Jahjah.

All children received gadgets and memorial gifts from UNIFIL.



Article: Mohamed Abou Jahjah
Video Editor: Mohamad Hamze
Video Camera: Mohamad Hamze
Photo: Pascual Gorriz Marcos