Southern Lebanese women master Italian cuisine

Pizza prepared by the Lebanese women.

Lieutenant Jacopo Evangelisti and Italbatt commander Colonel Giovani Biondi with Lebanese woman tasting the pizza.

A Lebanese woman cutting the pizza.

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25 Aug 2015

Southern Lebanese women master Italian cuisine

Around twenty women from different parts of Southern Lebanon gathered in Tyre on 13 August to learn the secrets of the famous Italian cuisine, unveiled by Italian chefs from UNIFIL. For many people, when you say Italy, they immediately think of pizza, but the cooking class involves much more than the famous Italian dough.

The Italian cooking class was organised by UNIFIL's Italian Battalion Civil and Military Cooperation (CIMIC) office, in cooperation with the Social Affairs Ministry's Social Development Centre (SDC) in Tyre, with the facilitation of UNIFIL Civil Affairs.

One of the participants, Fay Abu Jahjah, said: "Food is the thing that is capable of bringing people together and allowing them to get to know each other's cultures. When you say Italy, you immediately think of 'pizza', and when you say Lebanon, you immediately think of 'man'oucheh'. We learnt how to make pizza, but most importantly, we come from different communities and we have come together over pizza..."

Italian Battalion CIMIC officer, Lieutenant Jacopo Evangelisti, pointed out that "This is a perfect occasion for confidence building with all of these mothers and it is very important to be them together... to share our tradition and to be here..."

The women are expected to prepare a lavish buffet in a Tyre restaurant around mid-September.