Ramieh learns knitting with Ghanaian battalion

Women learning knitting with Ghanaian female peacekeepers in Ramieh, south Lebanon.

A Ghanaian peacekeeper demonstrating her knitting skills during the training in Ramieh, south Lebanon.

Women from Ramieh village knitting during a training financed by UNIFIL.

Two young women working on a loom table during a knitting training course in Ramieh, south Lebanon.

Woman showing knitting covers of a water jug during a knitting course in Ramieh, south Lebanon.

Two water jugs decorated with knitting works during the UNIFIL funded course in Ramieh.

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10 Sep 2014

Ramieh learns knitting with Ghanaian battalion

While growing tobacco is a main source of earning a living in the southern Lebanese town of Ramieh, UNIFIL's Ghanaian battalion organized a knitting session for women from Ramieh, helping them to find a new kind of business.

On 5th September, the Ghanaian battalion organized a knitting training session in the southern Ramieh town for 20 women from the town.

"This is the first time such an activity has been organised in my town over the last 10 or 15 years, "said 30 year Zeina Saleh, from Ramieh.

Using Ghanaian knitting skills, the Lebanese women produced a colorful collection of crocheted and embroidered tablecloths, cushion covers, special lids for water pots, baby clothes, winter shawls and other traditional Lebanese items.

The project which was initiated by Ramieh's municipality and presented to UNIFIL, through the Ghanaian battalion, will help empower women in Ramieh , said Civil Affairs Officer Rola Bzei, noting that it will help improve the women's lives, use of leisure time and their role in supporting their families.