Nepalese peacekeepers CIMIC activities on UN Day

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26 Oct 2021

Nepalese peacekeepers CIMIC activities on UN Day

In marking the United Nations Day (24 October), UNIFIL’s Nepalese peacekeepers launched a range of civil-military cooperation (CIMIC) activities in order to support the host communities in south Lebanon.

“Better teeth for better health” is the dental health awareness campaign organized by the Nepalese battalion (NEPBATT) medical team, led by Captain Doctor Sandhya Khwaunju, to children of two primary schools in Houla and Majdal Slim, in south Lebanon.

The activity consisted of an awareness campaign, with a demonstration on how to take proper care of oral health and brushing techniques, as well as the distribution of dental hygiene kits and stationery items to 200 children of the two schools – in coordination with the CIMIC team of the NEPBATT.

Furthermore, in line with the UN’s broader “Blue to Green” initiative, NEPBATT peacekeepers carried out an afforestation campaign and planted, together with the mayor and local communities, saplings of olives and pines in Tallousa, south Lebanon.

In order to limit the environmental footprint in the communities they serve, Nepalese peacekeepers have planted not only in their bases, but also in Shaqra and Majdel Silim villages, several kinds of saplings and trees including pine, fig, olive, Chinaberry, cedar, etc.

In addition, as per the request of the municipal mayor, NEPBATT peacekeepers painted the road of Shaqra in order to create separate corridors for the street market. Consequently, when the markets open, this separation will facilitate the positioning of the stalls of the vendors.

UNIFIL attaches great importance to its relations with the host communities for the implementation of its mandated tasks. Between core duties, UNIFIL peacekeepers regularly carry out various community activities - as requested by the host communities - directly benefiting the local population.