Modern Classrooms Improve Care and Development Centre in Hasbayya

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22 Feb 2023

Modern Classrooms Improve Care and Development Centre in Hasbayya

Five new classrooms were installed in the Hasbayya Care and Development Centre, thanks to the support of UNIFIL’s Spanish contingent.

The installation transformed the large open upper level of the building into a modern modular space for educational and play activities. A series of fixed and movable walls and separators allow teachers to change the layout of the upper floor whenever needed. This modular flexibility and the fact that the movable walls are translucent gives the centre a unique ability to tailor its spaces not just to the needs of the courses but also to that of its students.

In his remarks at the inauguration of the new space, General Melchor Marín Elvira of UNIFIL’s Spanish contingent said: “It is a pleasure for me to be here today for this inauguration, even more because it will be used for the most important people, these children who will be the future of the country. The commitment of UNIFIL’s Spanish and Indian contingents is strong in pursuit of the welfare of the Lebanese people.”

Ms. Leena Abu Karnib, Principal of Hasbayya Care and Development Centre, responded to the General’s words with great appreciation. “In addition to their military mission and developmental projects, they brought with them kindness and deep human feelings,” she said. “They also did their best to establish security and stability and to support the people of southern Lebanon at the health, social and cultural levels. They are our peacekeepers.”

UNIFIL has been supporting the local communities of south Lebanon ever since 2007 with numerous socioeconomic projects. Either funded by the Mission’s contingents or through UNIFIL’s Quick Impact Projects, these support initiatives have been a key part of helping our hosts in south Lebanon.