Lebanese olive farmers benefit from Spanish experts

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28 Feb 2019

Lebanese olive farmers benefit from Spanish experts

In a major support to the olive-growing farmers of south-eastern Lebanon, UNIFIL’s Spanish peacekeepers brought in this week a team of agricultural experts from Spanish universities – for a second time in five months – to offer practical training on enhancing productivity and quality of olive harvests.


The second phase of the programme continued from 22 to 27 February, with a specific focus on pruning, pest control, fertilization and soil treatment.


During the period, four Spanish experts trained farmers in Blate and Houla covering both the northern and southern towns and villages within UNIFIL’s Sector East area of responsibility.


This offered a unique opportunity to the farmers in cooperatives and their representatives in their locations. The idea was to train the trainers, which would be useful for them in imparting the knowledge to other farmers and local agricultural associations.


The Spanish peacekeepers had organized the first phase of this programme called “Almazara,” implemented in coordination with the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture, from 21 to 28 September 2018.


Between their peacekeeping duties, UNIFIL peacekeepers regularly carry out various small-scale activities with the host communities in order to maintain and enhance their excellent relation.


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