Spanish experts train Lebanese farmers on olive harvesting

The training was offered to olive oil producers from Houla, Marjayoun and Rachaya al Foucar.

The training was provided by lecturers from universities in Spain.

In the oil press the training methods were to refine the quality of the oil.

Olive oil tasting showed the variations of Spanish and Lebanese oils.

The participants received a certificate for their attendance.

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29 Oct 2018

Spanish experts train Lebanese farmers on olive harvesting

In their ongoing efforts to help improve the lives of the people of their area of responsibility in south-eastern Lebanon, UNIFIL’s Spanish peacekeepers brought in six experts from Spain last month to teach local farmers on best practices in harvesting and milling of olives.

The experts, from the Spanish Universities of Extremadura and Zaragoza, spent a week for the “Almazara Programme” in the last week of September, giving practical training to farmers in Houla, Marjayoun and Rachaya al Foucar.

UNIFIL’s Spanish Battalion, which funded the project, coordinated the activity with local officials as well as the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture.

Among other things, the experts explained about identifying the ideal moment of harvesting olives, harvesting process and also making an estimate of the production of an olive field.

They also visited the existing machinery, reviewed the processes followed by the Lebanese farmers and suggested improvements in each area, including the way to extract the best quality oil.

Between their peacekeeping duties, UNIFIL peacekeepers regularly carry out various small-scale activities with the host communities in order to maintain and enhance their excellent relation.