Korean peacekeepers host Italian counterparts for 3 days

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14 Feb 2019

Korean peacekeepers host Italian counterparts for 3 days

UNIFIL peacekeepers from the Republic of Korea hosted a small group of Italian peacekeepers for three days in their base near Tyre, south Lebanon, this week for a joint Familiarization of Deployment (FAMDEP) exercise.

From 12 to 14 February, 16 Italian peacekeepers from UNIFIL Sector West’s Sector Mobile Reserve or SMR lived and worked the way their Korean counterparts did. Among other activities, they conducted joint foot patrols in the Korean area of responsibility and the Italians taught their hosts riot control methods.

FAMDEP is a joint exercise programme between two UNIFIL contingents, where usually one sends a small group to the other’s base for three to four days, during which both sides can conduct joint patrols and/or various trainings and exercises.  

Korean peacekeepers had successfully conducted a similar exercise last November with a Finnish platoon.