Hablas Español?

UNIFIL's Spanish classes are open to all age groups, Marjeyoun, South Lebanon.

Effective interaction in Spanish language classes, Marjeyoun, South Lebanon.

Spanish grammar challenges teens, Marjeyoun, South Lebanon.

Comprehensive skills tested with Spanish media texts, Marjeyoun, South Lebanon.

Spanish classes, education and fun, Marjeyoun, South Lebanon.

Activities in Spanish classes engage students and teachers equally, Marjeyoun, South Lebanon.

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11 Sep 2013

Hablas Español?

The Spanish language classes, conducted by UNIFIL's Spanish peacekeepers and organized by the Civil - Military Cooperation Office (CIMIC) of UNIFIL, date back to 2007and are carried out by every Spanish battalion rotation, reinforcing close ties between the local residents of the South and the Spanish peacekeepers.

Classes for different age groups and levels are organized in many towns of South Lebanon like Shebaa, Marjeyoun, Qlayaa, Deir Mimes, and Ebel Esaki.

Speaking about the efficiency of these classes, Ms. Ronith Daher , a journalist for the Lebanese daily An Nahar and a student at the Spanish classes, indicated that "the level we attained through these classes allows us to watch Spanish TV channels and follow up with Spanish programs and news."

Mrs. Rola Issa shared Ms. Daher's point of view stressing that "these classes made me more capable of helping my husband in his business, interpreting and communicating with the Spanish peacekeepers as they come into our shop in Marjeyoun."

Not only this, but also "with their presence here, we feel reassured and secure," pointed out Mrs. Issa, as she explained about the relationship that ties the Spanish teachers to the local students.

"I try to pick articles from Spanish media, which are really challenging for the students in terms of language and content," clarified Major Jose Manuel Oltra from the Spanish battalion.

Major Garcia further explained that the classes are held usually once per week, but more classes might be scheduled depending on the students' needs.

Apart from the work and educational benefits, "these classes keep my mental capacity up, as they challenge us with reading, writing, and learning new things," remarked Sister Fabien, who has been attending the Spanish classes for four years.

So, if you are in need of some Spanish classes, look no further than South Lebanon - thanks to UNIFL's Spanish Battalion.


Article: Hiba Monzer
Video Editor: Suzane Badereddine
Video Camera: Mohamad Hamze
Photo: Pascual Gorriz Marcos