UNIFIL Welcomes Mandate Renewal until 31 August 2014

6 Sep 2013

UNIFIL Welcomes Mandate Renewal until 31 August 2014

UNIFIL Force Commander Major-General Paolo Serra welcomed the decision and reaffirmed UNIFIL’s commitment to the tasks mandated by the Security Council. He said: “The unanimous decision of the Security Council to extend UNIFIL’s mandate without changes is an important and significant endorsement of the work of our peacekeepers.

This attests to the satisfaction of all local and international stakeholders at our achievements on the ground in strategic partnership with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and with the cooperation of all parties concerned.”

Major-General Serra said: “This is not only an encouraging demonstration to our efforts, but it also commended the positive role of UNIFIL, whose deployment together with the Lebanese Armed Forces has helped to establish a new strategic environment in southern Lebanon and welcomed the expansion of coordinated activities between UNIFIL and the Lebanese armed forces, and calling for further enhancement of this cooperation”

“The Security Council has welcomed the constructive role played by the tripartite mechanism in de-escalating tensions and has expressed support for the efforts of UNIFIL to engage with both parties to further develop liaison and coordination arrangements. This is at the core of our efforts to further stabilize the situation along the Blue Line. Through these arrangements, we have been able to facilitate a number of measures and arrangements so that possible points of friction are removed and future incidents prevented.”

“It is of the utmost importance that all parties concerned respect the cessation of hostilities, to prevent any violation of the Blue Line and to respect it in its entirety and to cooperate fully with the United Nations and UNIFIL”.

"Withdrawal of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) from northern Ghajar, stop to Israeli air violations, as well as ensuring that our area of operations are free from any hostile activities or unauthorised armed presence are all important imperatives that we will continue to pursue with the parties.”

“UNIFIL’s freedom of movement and the security and safety of our personnel is integral to the effective execution of our tasks. I count on our strong relations with the people of south Lebanon and with the LAF in furthering our operations in a cooperative spirit with full transparency and mutual appreciation of our common objective of peace and security in southern Lebanon.”