El Khiam students learn to make Spanish cuisines

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5 Apr 2019

El Khiam students learn to make Spanish cuisines

The latest edition of the “Sancho Panza” course, which includes theoretical and practical classes in preparing Hispanic-Lebanese cuisines, concluded earlier this week in the El Khiam Technical School, south-eastern Lebanon.

The course, run by UNIFIL’s Spanish peacekeepers, continued during the months of February and March. Nine students along with a teacher participated in the course, which sought to increase job prospects of the participants.

Started in 2009, the “Sancho Panza” programme consists of the teaching of Spanish cuisine lessons provided by UNIFIL’s Spanish military contingent. The programme was developed in collaboration with and the authorization of the Lebanese Ministry of Education.

UNIFIL’s Sector East Commander Brigadier General Antonio Romero Losada joined Lebanese Armed Forces personnel, local leaders and school staff at a closing ceremony on 1 April.

Between their core peacekeeping duties, UNIFIL peacekeepers regularly carry out various activities in support of the host communities.