UNIFIL supports Tyre technical school with computers

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4 Mar 2021

UNIFIL supports Tyre technical school with computers

UNIFIL donated 25 computer sets to a technical school in Tyre, south-western Lebanon, this week to support stability in the region by strengthening the education sector.

The UNIFIL support, delivered on 2 March 2021, directly benefits some 250 students from all over Tyre district, as well as about 90 teachers and other school staff.

The Tyre Technical School didn’t have the capacity or resources to upgrade its computer laboratory or replace its outdated computers, purchased in 2000. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic had put additional strains on the school’s ability to deliver virtual learning.

Informatics Professor Ola Skaiki thinks the donation enhances the level of education in the institute, established in 1999.

“Each computer was shared by three students, causing problems especially now during the COVID pandemic,” said Prof. Skaiki. “We needed more computers to create a safe distance between students, and this will enhance our education and performance of both students and teachers.”

This project, funded through UNIFIL’s Quick Impact Project (QIP) programme, is one of a number of UNIFIL support activities undertaken in the peacekeeping mission’s area of operations in south Lebanon.

UNIFIL QIPs are small-scale, rapidly implementable projects which are intended to address some of the most pressing needs of the population and support local authorities while strengthening links between UNIFIL and local communities.

The Director of the Tyre Technical School, Hadi Karouni, said the UNIFIL support came “in the most needed time, during an economic crisis.”

“This lab helps students learn their courses better and get them closer to the job market,” he added.