UNIFIL joins Lebanon’s 74th Independence Day parade

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22 Nov 2017

UNIFIL joins Lebanon’s 74th Independence Day parade

UNIFIL joined the 74th Lebanese Independence Day parade in Beirut today, with UN peacekeepers marching together with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). Senior UNIFIL officials, including the Head of Mission and Force Commander Major General Michael Beary, joined senior Government and LAF officials in marking the occasion. UNIFIL’s first female contingent commander, Major Nina Raduha of Slovenia, led the UNIFIL marching band.

The occasion was an opportunity to honour Lebanon’s remarkable achievements in the last 74 years. UNIFIL’s presence at the ceremony was a demonstration of the Mission’s continued support to the LAF and other state institutions operating in the area between Litani River and the Blue Line in south Lebanon.

UNIFIL peacekeepers work shoulder-to-shoulder with LAF soldiers in keeping the unprecedented 11 years of stability in south Lebanon. Over the past months, both forces have increased their joint activities within the Mission’s area of operation in south Lebanon. This has been made possible also with the deployment in September of LAF’s Fifth Intervention Regiment to the area.


Article: Tilak Pokharel
Video camera: Mohamad Hamze
Video Editor: Suzane Badereddine
Motion Graphics: Zeina Ezzeddine
Photo: Suzane Badereddine