UNIFIL Force Commander meets with local leaders in Bint Jbeil

25 Feb 2015

UNIFIL Force Commander meets with local leaders in Bint Jbeil

UNIFIL’s Head of Mission and Force Commander Major-General Luciano Portolano met today with local authorities, mayors, LAF and Internal Security Officers in the town of Bint Jbeil in south Lebanon.

Major-General Portolano took the opportunity to express his gratitude to the local leaders for their continued support and reaffirmed UNIFIL’s commitment to peace and security.

After the meeting the Force Commander said: “Today, I had a very positive and open discussion with the local leaders in a cordial atmosphere. I would like to emphasize that the continuous support and assistance I have been receiving from the Lebanese authorities, religious leaders and the local communities has been invaluable to UNIFIL’s ability to pursue our common quest for maintaining peace and security in southern Lebanon” and he said: “Our strong partnership with the LAF and with the local population have been the essential ingredients to keep the area stable.”

Major-General Portolano stressed: “UNIFIL is carrying out its mandate with full respect for the traditions and the values cherished by the people of southern Lebanon; our peacekeepers understand and treasure the importance of their cultural and religious sensitivities and will always try to do their utmost to assist and protect the local population”.

UNIFIL Force Commander emphasized that UNIFIL impartially implements its mandate under UN Security Council resolution 1701, working closely with the LAF and supporting the local communities in consultations with local leaders.