UNIFIL donations to Lebanese security bodies to enhance cooperation and capabilities

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22 Sep 2021

UNIFIL donations to Lebanese security bodies to enhance cooperation and capabilities

UNIFIL donated a significant number of UN assets to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), its intelligence wing and the Lebanese General Security over the past week, with the shared objective of promoting a climate of peace and stability in the UNIFIL area of operations in south Lebanon.

The first tranche of the latest UNIFIL support, including information technology (IT) and electronic equipment, 4x4 cars and generator parts, was given to the LAF at its headquarters in Naqoura on 15 September.

A number of 4x4 cars were given to LAF Intelligence the following day.

Today marked the culmination of the latest round of donations with a large quantity of UN assets – including IT equipment, trucks, minibuses, 4x4 cars, generators and spare parts, and other engineering items – given to the Lebanese General Security.

Founded in 1921, the General Security of Lebanon is a key organ of the State with responsibility for, amongst other things, responding to threats to national security and securing Lebanon’s borders.

UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander Major General Stefano Del Col said the UNIFIL support aims to further enhance the ability of state institutions to work in close coordination with the UN mission in south Lebanon.

“As we hold our steadfast commitment to assist all the parties to maintain and solidify the cessation of hostilities, we will constantly strive to support the needs of the Lebanese security forces with whatever means available to us,” he added.

“It is also through activities such as this, that UNIFIL contributes to the climate of peace and stability foreseen by the implementation of its mandate to protect civilians and prevent conflicts.”

The UNIFIL donations are the latest in a series of donations to the Lebanese state security institutions since 2010.

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