UNIFIL donates utility truck to Kfar Hamam Municipality

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10 Jun 2019

UNIFIL donates utility truck to Kfar Hamam Municipality

Several fatal incidents and injuries are commonplace in Lebanon as workers carry out electricity maintenance works, trimming of trees along main streets and orchards, and other similar situations due to lack of appropriate equipment and devices.

In order to mitigate those risks, UNIFIL donated a utility truck – fully equipped to meet the needs of the townspeople – to the Municipality of Kfar Hamam, south-eastern Lebanon, on 8 June.

The white Toyota DYNA 200 truck, with 14-metre-high mast fixed on strong base, enables it to carry out works at high altitude. It is equipped to carry out work related to trimming of trees, maintenance and changing of electricity cables and networks, maintenance of streetlights, reaching high domes of mosque and tiles of buildings that need cleaning and polishing, along with other miscellaneous tasks.

UNIFIL provided US$ 13,000 through its quick impact project, while the Municipality shouldered the additional cost of US$ 6,000 to procure the US$ 19,000-truck.

Carrying out these works used to cost the Municipality of Kfar Hamam some US$ 5,000 every year for renting equipment to perform the required tasks.

The project had been successful with the joint work of UNIFIL’s Civil Affairs Office and Indian peacekeepers.

The 19-thousand-dollar project contributes to boosting workers’ safety, enhancing quality life conditions, and assisting the Municipality to invest funds in useful activities and projects that would further stability in the UNIFIL area of operation.

Between peacekeeping duties, UNIFIL peacekeepers regularly carry out various small-scale activities with the host communities in order to maintain and enhance their excellent relations.