UNIFIL’s Heritage Protection: Shaqra-Dubiyye Fort

UNIFIL’s Nepalese battalion clear invasive vegetation from the ancient Shaqra-Dubiyye Fort.

For the past four years UNIFIL’s Nepalese battalion keep returning to maintain and protect this cultural heritage site.

By clearing away invasive vegetation and creating access paths the peacekeepers enhance the tourist potential of this ancient site.

A group photo of UNIFIL’s Nepalese contingent with Ali Saleh, mayor of Shaqra, taken in front of the cleared Shaqra-Dubiyye Fort.

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5 Jan 2017

UNIFIL’s Heritage Protection: Shaqra-Dubiyye Fort

In south Lebanon UNIFIL peacekeepers have a long history of protecting cultural heritage sites. The region is rich with ancient monuments and through coordination with local municipalities UNIFIL peacekeepers are involved in clearing access paths, building protective walls and cleaning around many of these historical artefacts.

Recently UNIFIL’s Nepalese battalion returned once again to the Shaqra-Dubiyye Fort located near Bint Jbeil. For the past four years Nepalese peacekeepers have cleared access paths to the Roman and Byzantine historical site and protected the ancient structure by removing invasive vegetation.

Ali Saleh, mayor of Shaqra was present on the day and said, “This fort is self-sufficient as it has maintained its structural integrity without assistance from anyone. We highlighted the need for combined efforts to protect this tourist attraction and historic place. UNIFIL’s Nepalese battalion has gratefully contributed in many campaigns over the past four years. This year, over different stages, the battalion cleaned up the fort, trimmed the trees and protected the walls from the growing trees.”

Observing his colleagues clearing scattered rocks from one of the paths, UNIFIL’s Nepalese battalion commander, Lt Col Sanjaya, explained, “The Shaqra-Dubiyye fort is a historical place for the Lebanese and for us too. If we can contribute a little bit of effort to preserve and to protect this historical place it will be a great achievement for us and for the Lebanese in the future.”


Article: Aoibheann O'Sullivan
Video Editor: Suzane Badereddine, Mohammad Hamze
Video Camera: Mohammad Hamze
Photo: UNIFIL Nepalese Battalion