Teachers become Students at UNIFIL HQ

Trainees checking the vehicle tester results during the vocational training at UNIFIL HQ

Trainees comparing results of the tester to the vehicle guide book

Trainee testing the functionality of the vehicle airbag system

Vocational Training attendees discussing the output of the vehicle testing device

UNIFIL transport officer guiding the trainees on the correct analysis of the vehicle tester data

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16 Apr 2013

Teachers become Students at UNIFIL HQ

"There was a failure in the airbag system; we fixed it using the Intelligence device and the scan tools," Bassam Zarafe, a teacher from Bint Jbeil Public Technical School, explained while he was comparing the results displayed by the Intelligence Tester of a UNIFIL vehicle and those shown on the vehicle guide. "Normally, we use similar equipment although we are not accustomed to the same type of cars," Bassam added.

Bassam is one of seven teachers who joined UNIFIL vocational training this year and is eager to learn more in the field of mechanics and engineering services. Nemr al-Alam, his colleague, stressed that they usually seek to take part in every course or session available. "We benefit from every little tip there is, especially in the field of mechanics and technology," he said. The Directorate General of Vocational and Technical Education has approved the nomination of these seven teachers for undergoing the training at UNIFIL.

The one-month training started last week. "We will continue all the way because there are new issues in the upcoming courses that we know nothing about", Nemr added, earnestly.

Last fall, 13 young students joined their classmates in Bint Jbeil Public Technical School full of confidence. They had just concluded a two-month vocational training with a UNIFIL team of professionals and their enthusiasm and newly gained practical knowledge inspired their colleagues, teachers and superiors.

This year, UNIFIL Civil Affairs, in collaboration with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), decided to expand the experience and invite the teachers from the same school to take part in the one-month course at UNIFIL headquarters in Naqoura. According to Civil Affairs officer Vidya Singh, the identification of the topics for conduct of training was done on the basis of a survey conducted by GIZ in conjunction with the Directors of the various public Technical Schools.

For his part, UNIFIL instructor Reinhard Arnold, who is in charge of the light vehicles workshop, lauded the excitement of his "student-teachers" who are interested and ready to learn. This encourages him to give them his best.

"We are happy to teach them; this refreshes our minds, because sometimes, you don't really work on particular things, so it's also good for us," Reinhard said, thankfully.



Article: Rania Harb
Video Producer/Editor: Suzane Badereddine
Video Camera: Mohamad Hamze
Photo: Pascual G. Marcos