Spanish veterinary experts work with Lebanese students to assist livestock farmers

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27 Mar 2019

Spanish veterinary experts work with Lebanese students to assist livestock farmers

Veterinary experts from three Spanish universities recently completed a week-long intensive veterinary campaign to assist south Lebanese goat and cattle farmers.

The visiting experts also used the opportunity to share their knowledge, working alongside 20 veterinary science students from the Lebanese University, as well as a veterinary officer from the Lebanese Armed Forces.

The weeklong exercise from 18 to 24 March saw the team meet with local farmers, examine local herds and flocks, and provide vital medicine and vaccines to the livestock.

While UNIFIL Spanish contingent has organized these intensive Spanish veterinary assistance campaigns annually since 2009, this year is the first time the project partnered with the Lebanese University, offering a valuable opportunity of apprenticeship to 20 of its veterinary science students.

This campaign happened with cooperation from the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture Office as well as the Complutense University of Madrid, the University of Barcelona and the University of Cordoba.

During the week the joint veterinary team met and discussed livestock concerns with local farmers, provided general checkup to the animals, vaccinations, cattle insecticides and even minor surgeries for two cows. The programme covered 20 villages in the Marjayoun district, in the eastern sector of UNIFIL’s area of operation.

Between peacekeeping duties, UNIFIL peacekeepers regularly carry out various small-scale activities with the host communities in order to maintain and enhance their excellent relations.