Spanish Chief of Defence visits UNIFIL area of operation

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13 May 2019

Spanish Chief of Defence visits UNIFIL area of operation

The Chief of Defense of Spain, General Fernando Alejandre Martínez, today led a nine-member delegation for a tour of UNIFIL area of operations and a visit to the Mission’s Sector East Headquarters in Marjayoun, south Lebanon.

While in the Sector East Headquarters, General Martínez received briefing on UNIFIL’s operational activities especially in the eastern sector. He also visited some of the key hotspots along the Blue Line to see first-hand the work of Spanish peacekeepers on the ground, and met with and addressed some of UNIFIL’s Spanish peacekeepers.

Later, General Martínez held a meeting with UNIFIL’s Acting Force Commander Major General Shivaram Kharel, who briefed the visiting guest on the overall situation in the UNIFIL area of operation and along the Blue Line. Maj. Gen. Kharel also thanked Spain for their important contribution to UNIFIL, which has helped keep nearly 13 years of peace in south Lebanon.

General Martínez is the highest-ranking military officer in the Spanish Armed Forces.

Spain’s contribution to UNIFIL since 2006, with over 22,000 peacekeepers having served in south Lebanon so far, is critical to implementing the Mission’s mandate.