A Small Gesture Goes A Long Way

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25 Oct 2022

A Small Gesture Goes A Long Way

UNIFIL’s Nepalese Battalion (NEPBATT) steps in to help a High School in need.

After a long summer vacation about 250 students returned to the Mohammad Falha High School in the town of Meiss El Jebel to find that there was no water.

The scarcity of water over the summer months had already put a strain on the town and its inhabitants. Then the generator that powers the municipality’s water pump started to have mechanical issues.

Priority had to be given to the residential households, leaving the local high school without water for its basic sanitary and hygienic services. The school’s students and staff could not use the bathrooms.

Given that the town of Meiss El Jebel lies in the Nepalese Battalion’s area of responsibility, the municipality reached out to the peacekeepers for assistance.

Shortly after the request, on 20 October, NEPBATT peacekeepers arrived with a tanker filled with 10,000 liters of water. The school building’s underground water tank was filled, and all was back to normal again.

UNIFIL is well known and appreciated for its numerous quick impact projects in support of local communities of the south over the past 15 years. But sometimes, a small gesture of support can have an even greater impact.