Setting the record straight with Andrea Tenenti

24 Aug 2022

Setting the record straight with Andrea Tenenti

In this latest UNIFIL radio episode, Rania Bdeir, our radio producer, puts UNIFIL’s spokesperson Andrea Tenenti in the hotseat.

The questions posed are in direct response to a series of misunderstandings among the Lebanese population, commonly referred to as mis- and disinformation.

The core issues at hand are:

  • How is UNIFIL supporting the Lebanese Armed Forces during this economic crisis?
  • Does UNIFIL have the right to patrol alone and without the LAF in its area of operations?
  • Is UNIFIL supposed to have freedom of movement throughout the south?
  • What do the Maritime demarcation negotiations have to do with UNIFIL?
  • Are we misunderstanding what the Maritime Task Force’s role is exactly?
  • Do UNIFIL’s Liaison and coordination mechanisms, including the tripartite meetings, have any significant effect on the prevailing stability along the Blue Line?

We invite you to listen to see what UNIFIL’s spokesperson has to say – to set the record straight.