Sector West peacekeepers perform integrated outreach walks

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7 Mar 2019

Sector West peacekeepers perform integrated outreach walks

UNIFIL peacekeepers from the Mission’s Sector West headquarters conducted community engagement walks this week with the aim of enhancing the troops’ interaction with the host population.

The peacekeepers from Italy and the Republic of Korea carried out the activities in Tibnin on 4 March and Harris on 5 March. Elements of both Tactical Community Outreach Team (TCOT) and Female Assessment Analysis and Support Team (FAST) performed an integrated activity in Tibnin, while in Harris only TCOT elements participated.

UNIFIL’s Sector West Headquarters launched these kinds of integrated outreach activities only recently and are conducted twice a week.

Female peacekeepers involved act as key role models in the local community and the presence of FAST members seeks to further broad dialogue within Lebanese society in UNIFIL’s area of operation. On the other hand, TCOT is specialized in face-to-face engagements.