Sector West peacekeepers help put out fires

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23 Jul 2019

Sector West peacekeepers help put out fires

UNIFIL peacekeepers from the Mission’s Sector West offered support to location populations in putting out fires over the past several days.

The Mission’s Ghanaian, Irish, Italian and Malaysian peacekeepers helped put out fires in the communities, whose spread was triggered by rising temperatures and strong winds.

Given the vastness of the areas hit by the emergency, the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) requested UNIFIL for support – together with firefighters from the Lebanese Civil Defense – to put out fires.

The most affected areas were the settlements of Alma-As-S'hab, Jouaya, Kounin, Baraachit, Wadi-Al-Hjeir. Some hamlets were completely surrounded by flames before they were put out with support from UNIFIL’s Sector West peacekeepers.