Prime Minister Diab visits UNIFIL

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27 May 2020

Prime Minister Diab visits UNIFIL

In a show of support to the UNIFIL Mission in south Lebanon, Prime Minister Hassan Diab today led a 10-member delegation to the Mission Headquarters in Naqoura where he was briefed on the work of UNIFIL. 

UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander Major General Stefano Del Col greeted the high-level delegation that also included Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Zeina Akkar and LAF Commander General Joseph Aoun.

In his remarks, Major General Del Col commended the Government of Lebanon and the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) for continued cooperation in the implementation of UNIFIL’s mandate.

“This cooperation is at the centre of our collective success in maintaining nearly 14 years of calm in south Lebanon,” he said. “Together, we have to build on this long period of unprecedented stability to be able to carry out our mandate effectively and without obstacles.”

He added that today’s visit “greatly encourages” UNIFIL peacekeepers as well as their strategic partners to further build on the steady gains in the security situation since the cessation of hostilities came into effect.

He also commended the Prime Minister’s strong and decisive leadership in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On his part, Prime Minister Diab lauded UNIFIL’s role, together with the LAF, in maintaining the cessation of hostilities and preserving stability in south Lebanon since 2006. He called for the full implementation of UN Security Council resolution 1701, which forms the core of UNIFIL’s mandate and to which the parties have expressed their full commitment.

“Your presence here is not only out of international will, but also out of a Lebanese desire; it is embraced by the upstanding people of the South,” he said. “Lebanon is committed to the implementation of Resolution 1701, to the role of United Nations forces and to the preservation of its mandate and number of personnel without any modification.”

PM Diab reaffirmed the importance of the continued coordination and close cooperation between UNIFIL and the LAF, thereby facilitating the UNIFIL’s mission and fostering the confidence of the people of the South.

“Lebanon expresses its deep gratitude to the friendly countries contributing to UNIFIL staff members, embodying their commitment to the values of peace enshrined in the United Nations Charter,” he added.

This is the first visit of Prime Minister Diab to the UNIFIL Headquarters.