Local Food and Handicrafts Expo in Naqoura

Force Commander Major-General Paolo Serra visiting the food and handicrafts expo held in UNIFIL's HQ.

UNIFIL Employees buying goods at the food and handicrafts expo held in UNIFIL's HQ.

UNIFIL peacekeepers checking local products at the food and handicrafts expo held in UNIFIL's HQ.

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6 Dec 2013

Local Food and Handicrafts Expo in Naqoura

An exhibition of traditional Lebanese food and handicraft was held at UNIFIL Headquarters in Naqoura on Thursday, 5 December. Sixteen local cooperatives and associations, that are mostly woman-owned, exhibited diverse, authentic and traditional products from different parts of southern Lebanon. 

The exhibition, organized by UNIFIL Civil Affairs in collaboration with UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and UNDP (United National Development Program) Tyre was to provide an opportunity to local artisans to showcase their skills, while also allowing UNIFIL members and other invitees to purchase some unique handcrafted items as gifts for the holiday season thereby supporting handmade crafts. These exhibitions that are regularly organized at various UN positions provide an important space to these cooperatives/association to foster relationships and provide opportunities for education, socializing, and networking not only among the associations, but also between the cooperatives and the international community. 

Civilian staff and military members of UNIFIL, members of the international community visited the exhibition, savoured homemade delicacies and purchased local traditional products and handmade gifts. 

UNIFIL Force Commander Major-General Paolo Serra, visiting the exhibition, said: “This is a good tradition that enhances our relationship and interaction with the local community and it is important for UNIFIL to continue organizing such events in the future.” 

UNIFIL Chief of Civil Affairs, Mr. Albagir Adam, expressing happiness at the organization of the event said, "the establishment of a dialogue between the international community and the local artisans bodes well for the empowerment of rural women". He also thanked the IRISHBATT and the MALBATT for putting up a short cultural show at the start of the event for the entertainment of those present.