LAF and UNIFIL conduct joint amphibious exercise in south Lebanon, 26 October 2009

26 Oct 2009

LAF and UNIFIL conduct joint amphibious exercise in south Lebanon, 26 October 2009

Naqoura, Lebanon – A joint amphibious exercise conducted by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) and the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) Navy was witnessed today at Naqoura Harbour by UNIFIL Force Commander Major-General Claudio Graziano, LAF Brigadier-General Maroun Khraish representing the Lebanese Armed Forces Commander General Jean Kahwagi, as well as a number of Lebanese Army and UNIFIL officers, public officials and media representatives.

The exercise, carried out during 23rd to 26th October, aimed at testing the command and control procedures, train both Forces and check all means and facilities used for basic amphibious operations.

Participating in the exercise were Lebanese Naval Forces, Navy Rangers and the sixth Brigade of the Lebanese Armed Forces as well as a component of the UNIFIL Maritime Task Force and the Italian Navy's amphibious vessel 'San Marco' which was under the tactical command of UNIFIL's Force Commander, Major-General Claudio Graziano for the duration of the exercise. Naval helicopters were also used, besides assets to secure the coastline both on land and at sea.

During the exercise, personnel and vehicles were embarked and disembarked by Landing Craft Units and a landing on a fictitious suspect smuggling vessel in Lebanese territorial waters was simulated.

The amphibious exercise is the second of its kind. The last such joint exercise was conducted by UNIFIL and LAF in March 2009.


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