Korean peacekeepers conduct counter-terror training with Internal Security Forces

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17 Apr 2019

Korean peacekeepers conduct counter-terror training with Internal Security Forces

UNIFIL peacekeepers from the Republic of Korea conducted counter-terror joint training with Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces – Mobile Forces (ISF-MF), seeking to enhance military exchange and joint operational capabilities, in Tyre, south Lebanon, earlier this month.

The 1-4 April joint training saw the participation of 20 ISF-MF personnel and 11 UNIFIL peacekeepers from the Korean Battalion (ROKBATT)’s counter-terror team, with the focus on Close Quarters Battle (CQB) using temporary buildings at an ISF-MF base.

On the last day of the training, ISF-MF Brigadier General Elie Baradii, UNIFIL Sector West Chief of Staff Colonel Augusto Gravante, and ROKBATT Commander Colonel Seok-Mo Gu observed the final situation exercise.

The simulated scenarios included one ISF-MF operation situation and three terrorist attack/joint operation situations, including arresting fugitives on foot, on vehicles, and inside buildings. The situations also involved escorting fugitives as well as dealing with attacks from unidentified insurgents.

After observing the training, Brigadier General Baradii praised all participants. He added: “With this joint training, joint operational capabilities of both the ISF-MF and ROKBATT has been significantly improved.”

One of the participants, Hassan Ebriaa of ISF-MF, said, “I was very proud to learn and share combat skills with soldiers of ROKBATT. We hope to continue our good relations.”

Joint trainings and other operational activities with Lebanon’s security entities, including the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and ISF, are at the core of UNIFIL’s mandate under Security Council resolution 1701. These are aimed at extending state authority in the UN Mission’s area of operation in south Lebanon.

While adopting resolution 2433 in August last year, UN Security Council urged for further international support for the LAF and all state security institutions, who are the only legitimate armed forces of Lebanon.