Korean peacekeepers’ support to strengthen local institutions

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11 Mar 2022

Korean peacekeepers’ support to strengthen local institutions

Throughout the month of February, UNIFIL peacekeepers from the Republic of Korea (ROK) supported Lebanese security institutions operating in south Lebanon as well as five city councils and an education institution with items ranging from medicines to information technology and office equipment.

While the South Litani Sector Command of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) received various medicines, the State Security in Tyre received vehicle maintenance items.

The UNIFIL Korean Battalion (ROKBATT) also donated the city councils of Burghuliyah, Burj Rahal, Dibbah, Abbasiyah and Shabriha with IT and office equipment, furniture, stationery and masks.

The Cadmous College in Tyre also received various COVID-19 protective equipment including masks and hand sanitizers.

The aim of the UNIFIL support is to increase capabilities of local institutions in south Lebanon, where UNIFIL operates, to deal with the prolonged socio-economic crisis in Lebanon.

ROKBATT Commanding Officer Colonel Moon said, “ROKBATT will continue to build ties with the LAF, local leaders and other government and security entities in order to fully implement Security Council Resolution 1701 (which forms the core of UNIFIL’s current mandate).”


(UN Photos / Bassel Badawii