Italian Contingent offers support to host communities

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8 May 2020

Italian Contingent offers support to host communities

UNIFIL Italian contingent has aided UNIFIL efforts, together with the Lebanese Armed Forces, to ensure stability in the Mission’s area of operations in south Lebanon through completion of two projects in support of local communities this week.

The first project, started three months ago, included establishment at an orphanage of a computer room with 24 workstations in Bint Jbeil. The total cost was around US$ 14,000.

Separately, following requests from the local authorities, UNIFIL Italian peacekeepers donated heaters and furniture to another orphanage in Tibnin at the estimated cost of US$ 6,000.

The symbolic handover of both projects was carried out at the peacekeepers’ main base in Shama while complying with all the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Also this week, in support of the local communities’ fight against the Coronavirus, the UNIFIL Italian contingent also donated some personal protective equipment to the Beit Lif municipality.

Between their core peacekeeping duties, UNIFIL peacekeepers regularly carry out various activities like these in support of and as requested by the host communities, which – together with their operational activities – have helped keep calm in the Mission’s area of operation for almost 14 years.