Indonesian peacekeepers donate critical medical supplies

26 Jun 2020

Indonesian peacekeepers donate critical medical supplies

UNIFIL Indonesian peacekeepers donated nine varieties of critical medical supplies to the local dispensary of the south-eastern Lebanese village of Adchit Al-Qusayr last week.

The 19 June support followed a request that the village dispensary was facing “acute shortage” of certain drugs.

Civil-Military Coordination Officer of the Indonesian Battalion, Major Mar Rohmad, handed over the medicines to the Mayor of Adchit Al-Qusayr, Muhammad Sweidan.

Among the donated items included medicines for digestive problems, multivitamins, antipyretics, analgesics and balm.

In their efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the UNIFIL area of operations, the Indonesian peacekeepers also added in the handouts personal protective equipment and sanitary supplies.

Serving with UNIFIL in south Lebanon since 2006, Indonesia currently with more than 1,250 peacekeepers is the largest among the Mission’s 45 troop-contributing countries.