Indian veterinary assistance benefits local shepherds

24 Dec 2021

Indian veterinary assistance benefits local shepherds

As part UNIFIL’s continued support to host communities in south Lebanon, the UN mission’s Indian peacekeepers recently offered free veterinary assistance to local shepherds in south-eastern villages. 

On 7 and 14 December, a veterinary team led by Lt. Col. Chandan Singh of UNIFIL’s Indian Battalion visited farms in the villages of Halta, Bastara and Shab’a attending to sick goats, sheep and mules. They inoculated and treated hundreds of animals over the two days.

UNIFIL’s Indian Battalion has a dedicated veterinary outreach team, whose assistance is sought after by local shepherds. Such veterinary support is critically important for local farmers, who otherwise cannot afford vital services elsewhere in their villages. 

“It is an honour to help and support less privileged and distressed farmers and shepherds community during economic crisis in Lebanon,” said Lt. Col. Chandan Singh. “We continuously endeavour to provide veterinary support and medicines, including deworming and vaccination to livestock of local farmers and shepherds by reaching out to them in remote villages.”

Travelling through the rugged terrain within their area of responsibility, UNIFIL’s Indian peacekeepers regularly offer convenient and much-needed veterinary services to local farmers and shepherds on their doorsteps. 

They organize about 200 veterinary camps each year, offering free care and treatment to approximately 50,000 animals.