Indian peacekeepers contain bushfire in Shab’a

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5 Sep 2018

Indian peacekeepers contain bushfire in Shab’a

UNIFIL’s Indian peacekeepers helped the residents of Shab’a village, south-eastern Lebanon, avert a major damage by a raging bushfire yesterday.

Villagers sought the assistance of the UNIFIL peacekeepers after failing to contain the inferno, which started out as a small fire and advanced towards the village.

UNIFIL’s Indian Battalion peacekeepers soon arrived in the scene with their firefighting equipment and worked with civil defense volunteers in putting out the fire. Within three hours, the situation was brought under control without having to suffer any damage to life or property.

The Mayor of the village and residents expressed their appreciation for the timely assistance from UNIFIL peacekeepers.

This is one of several actions of UNIFIL troops in support of the host communities, which helps enhance their ties.