French peacekeepers train together with LAF dog handlers

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17 Apr 2018

French peacekeepers train together with LAF dog handlers

Dog handlers from UNIFIL’s French contingent trained jointly with their counterparts from the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) earlier this month.

The “Attack Dog” exercise benefited LAF soldiers coming all the way from Beirut.

During the “Attack Dog” training, from 2 to 6 April, UNIFIL peacekeepers from the French-led Force Commander’s Reserve (FCR) also trained 20 soldiers from the LAF’s Seventh Brigade on counter-IED (improvised explosive devices) technics.

Both the trainings were organized with the aim of benefitting both Forces – UNIFIL and LAF – through an enhanced interoperability and common military procedures. The LAF is UNIFIL’s strategic partner and they conduct several operational activities together in south Lebanon every day.

UNIFIL currently has 660 peacekeepers from France. The FCR, which also has a Finnish Company, is under the command of Colonel Olivier Baudet of the First French Foreign Legion Armoured Regiment.