E-library is peacekeepers fingerprint in Barish

Lt.Col Zunaidi Hassan, the deputy commander of the Malaysian Battalion, presents a plaque of appreciation to Sheikh Hussein Darwish,the Imam of Barish.

Lt.Col Zunaidi Hassan, the deputy commander of the Malaysian Battalion, Dr. Hassan Ezzeddine, the Mayor of Barish, Sheikh Hussein Darwish, The Imam of Barish, and Col. Patrick Kajanmaa, UNIFIL deputy commander of sector west, cut the ribbon to inaugurate the public library in the municipality of Barish.

Col. Patrick Kajanmaa, Dr. Hassan Ezzeddine, Sheikh Hussein Darwish, and Lt.Col Zunaidi Hassan inspect the equipment donated by UNIFIL civil affairs to the public library of Barish.

Mr. Nasser al Sabbah, UNIFIL Civil affairs officer, explains to the attendees the importance of the donated equipment.

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30 Sep 2015

E-library is peacekeepers fingerprint in Barish

A ceremony was held in the southern town of Barish on the occasion of inaugurating an e-library.

The e-library is a project jointly funded by UNIFIL and the municipality of Barish.

Mr. Sami Izz Eddine, Mayor of Barish, said that the e-library has provided high school and university students with an exceptional opportunity to carry out their studies and research in a conducive environment, "which is useful for their improved performance."

On the importance of the project, Izz Eddine added that the municipality is planning to build on this project and establish a public library.

UNIFIL Civil Affairs officer, Nasser Sabbah, explained that the project included the provision of computers, a projector and screen. He said, "All this was provided in support of the municipality's endeavour to establish a public library at the municipal building."

With plans by Malaysian peacekeepers to provide computer classes at this library, the equipment will be immediately put to use and other segments of society will also benefit from it, explained Sabbah.

Deputy commander of the Malaysian Battalion , Lieutenant Colonel Zunaid Bin Hasan, said, "good facilities will assist the locals and this e-library will help provide significant knowledge for the new generation on using technology."