Deir Mimess water treatment plant is operational again

The mayor of Deir Mimess, Dr. George Nakad, UNIFIL’s Sector East commander, Brigadier-General Perez de Aguado, along with two members of the local authorities unveil the commemorative plaque at the inauguration of the rehabilitation of the sewage treatment plant.

The Deir Mimess water treatment plant is finally operational again after being rehabilitated by funding from UNIFIL’s Spanish contingent.

Sobhi Sleem, contracted engineer and project manager, turns on the water pumps. The Deir Mimess water treatment plant was not operational for many years due to disrepair.

UNIFIL’s Spanish contingent supported the rehabilitation of Deir Mimess water treatment plant to support the community of Deir Mimess and beyond by ensuring that clean water is discharged into the Litani River.

The engineer and project manager of the upgrade of the Deir Mimess sewage treatment plant, Sobhi Sleem, briefs the local authorities and UNIFIL leaders on how the plant functions.

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28 Nov 2016

Deir Mimess water treatment plant is operational again

Sobhi Sleem, engineer and project manager, switches a button and the pumps at Deir Mimess Water Treatment plant whirr into life. The sound is quite unfamiliar in Deir Mimess as for the last number of years this sewage treatment plant fell into disrepair and stopped functioning. Today, thanks to a donation from UNIFIL’s Spanish battalion this treatment plant has been fully rehabilitated.

Dr. George Nakad, mayor of Deir Mimess, explains, “Actually, the importance of the project lies in the fact that after the refinement of the wastewater that run in the sewage network of the village, we are protecting the environment and preventing pollution of the Litani River, because the wastewater used to go down from here to the river, despite the fact that the river lies at a long distance.”

Mr. Sleem takes the mayor, the local authorities and the commander of UNIFIL’s Sector East Brigadier General Perez de Aguado around the plant and explains how the plant functions, he concludes his explanation by saying, “UNIFIL’s Spanish battalion funded the project, and the wastewater emitted to the Litani River is now acceptable in terms of specifications. This project ensures the water is refined enough to release it in the river without harming the environment and without any side effect on the environment.”

UNIFIL regularly implements small projects in the host communities in order to create a conducive climate for the implementation of the Mission’s mandate under UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

UNIFIL’s Sector East commander, Brigadier-General Perez de Aguado, turns to Dr. George Nakad, mayor of Deir Mimess, and says smiling, “It’s for you, for your municipality, it’s for your country. I think it’s a perfect project for us, because it’s something that is good for all the people and the society.”


Article: Aoibheann O'Sullivan
Video Editor: Suzane Badereddine, Mohammad Hamze
Video Camera: Aoibheann O'Sullivan
Photo: Pasqual Gorriz